People are our greatest strength.  Scott Rice Associates are the backbone of what makes Scott Rice different in the marketplace.  No other competitor comes close to our knowledge, experience and passion to bring value to our customers.   As an Oklahoma company since 1920, with over 150 Oklahomans working every day, Scott Rice has the people resources, equipment and processes to handle projects both big and small.  To prove Scott Rice Associates are jazzed about serving customers, Scott Rice has been selected for 5 years in a row as one of the “Best Places to Work in Oklahoma” through a confidential on line survey.   Why is this important?  If employees are enthused and motivated with great attitudes, then it stands to reason they will go above and beyond to provide exemplary service to our customers.

Each customer has different needs.   By working closely with you early in the process, a successful outcome is easily accomplished.   Our Associates provide a powerful differentiation for Scott Rice in the marketplace.