Project Management

Office furniture isn’t simple.  Today, it has to do more.  Even the simplest wood desk has technology running through it which makes it part of the space, not just something in it.   Purchasing furniture depends upon a complex set of decisions about the way furniture meets business needs, how it works with the environment, and how it gets to where you want it. That’s why the process needs to be managed.

Scott Rice Project Management Services brings over 200 years of common sense experience.  It’s all about planning and process.  Working side by side with you and your account executive, the project manager plans the entire process, coordinating the efforts of everyone involved.   We follow a detailed checklist, customized to each project.

The Process

It starts with understanding the project goals and the players.  We create a communication plan, make contact lists, and prepare schedules.  In this “just-in-time” world, scheduling is very important.  Making any trade wait – electrical, cabling, contractors, installers – increases costs and delays completion.   The project manager coordinates the schedules of all trades involved with the furniture.

A job packet is created, containing information on the project, furniture manufacturers, delivery, installation and schedule.  Accessible to everyone involved with the project, the project manager sees that the information is accurate, updated, and alerts the team to changes.

Throughout the furniture manufacturing process, the project manager monitors the schedules for delays or changes.  When the furniture ships, packing lists are verified with the order, assuring the installation team that everything is on the way.  The project manager also supervises the installation, troubleshooting any problems that arise.  Together with the client, they walk the space and if necessary, prepare a punch list of items needing resolution.

The project manager is responsible for outstanding punch list items, while preparing to close out the job.  The project manager verifies and charges and reviews all billing before invoicing the customer.