Installation & Reconfiguration

Proper installation of your new furniture is every bit as important as selecting the right pieces for your office space.  Nothing creates headaches faster for employees than improperly installed furniture systems.

Scott Rice installers can install just about any type of furniture product imaginable.  They are experts in furniture systems, and can install either newly purchased products, or existing pieces you would like to relocate.

Scott Rice has an outstanding industry reputation for installation services thanks to the proven processes we follow.   The planning phase of installation begins long before the product arrives.

The Process

The planning process includes active communication of the Scott Rice Customer Action Team (CAT) which often includes the account executive, designer, project manager, and lead installer.   After specifications are generated and determined, the project manager meets with the designer to conduct a thorough specification check.  At the meeting, project installation drawings and specifications are reviewed and confirmed.   Subsequent communication determines complexity, manpower requirements, product delivery, schedule, and site needs.   The installation date is set, and specific installers are assigned to the job.

At the time of installation, the crew reviews all the on-site project specifics.  They locate staging areas, take care of necessary building protection, and establish the route that trash will leave the site.  Products are brought using a pre-planned sequence that allows workers such as cable installers or electricians to complete their tasks.   When the installation is completed, the crew ensures everything is clean, complete and fine tuned to the customers’ satisfaction.  The lead installer walks the site to double check for any last minute issues or adjustments needed.   Then, the team quickly gets out of the way, so you can unpack and get back to work.