Furniture Care

Furniture Cleaning

We clean all brands of existing furniture: chairs, cubicle panels, sofas, or any other upholstered item.  Cleaning can be done in-house or at your site.

Fabric Protection

We protect all types of furniture with the Guardian protection system.  It protects new and existing textile, both inside and out, making them impervious to spills and spots.   Their protection system reduces wear and abrasion, extending the useful life of textiles without impairing functionality.

Furniture Repairs

For minor repairs, we can provide on-site refurbishments services, including touch-ups to repair scratches, dents and wood discoloration.  Our service technicians can perform basic repairs on over 100 lines of furniture.   If there’s an emergency, we can dispatch a technician immediately to your site.

Furniture Refinishing

At Scott Rice, we regard furniture refinishing as an art.   Our highly-trained technicians take pride in knowing exactly how to stain wood to perfection, or paint furniture so it looks pristine and new again.