Ergonomic Evaluations & Workspace Services

How many of your employees complain about back pain?   Hand and wrist soreness?  Headaches?   Tight or sore shoulder muscles?  Eyestrain?  These symptoms can be the result of a poor ergonomic fit between user and their surroundings.

Effective workstation specification and design is crucial to ensuring that work environments have a proper fit for each individual and task.  Assessing the needs of individuals and their daily required work tasks is key to specifying and designing work environments that reduce the risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders.

The benefits to your company are considerable if you adopt a proactive stance with an ergonomic approach instead of reacting to problems once they develop.  It is much easier to prevent an injust than to reverse its effects.  Early attention to developing problems is critical and Scott Rice has many resources available to assist you in addressing ergonomic needs in your office.  Let us come out to your office, take a look at how you work, and make suggestions to improve workstation ergonomic needs for you and your employees.   Consulting is available on an hourly, daily or per workstation fee basis.