Scott Rice partners with financial providers who understand furniture, equipment and workspace services to provide a wide range of financial solutions.  You can finance your entire project including products, delivery, installation and professional services.  You’ll be able to maximize your purchasing power, while preserving precious capital.


Leasing is one of the fastest growing methods of financing in the world.  In the U.S., over eighty percent of companies lease some, or even all, of their equipment.

Scott Rice offers a flexible range of leasing options so you can choose just the right solution to match your financial strategy.  Leases are available for contracts as low as $5,000.  Terms range from 24 to 60 months.  You can even take advantage of 100% financing – everything from products to delivery.

Make your business go furniture through our wide range of leasing options.

Furniture Buyback Programs

As your company grows and changes, you may decide it’s time for a new look within the office.   Or, a consolidation of offices may leave you with unneeded furniture.  No need to store it.   Take advantage of our furniture buyback program, and turn your excess furniture into usable capital.

Getting started on Financing

We’ve been in business since 1920.  Let us evaluate and structure a financial program to maximize your business goals.